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Two point Hospital

Discussion in 'Games' started by izlik, Mar 15, 2019.

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    So, i was looking over Two Point Hospital as i like old Bullfrog games. it's mostly the same as theme hospital with a few changes, even the rooms and items are mostly the same except that there are more rooms and more items now and a few of the old things has been changed out. I found myself enjoying the game quite much even if you could call it a Theme Hospital Clone.
    anyone else tested the game yet?
    izlik, Mar 15, 2019 IP
  2. R33KO

    R33KO Greenhorn

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    Yea, I loved it, the nostalgia was unreal.

    The issue I have though, these games were released at a time when most people were still running dialup internet and there wasn't many great alternatives.

    There were fewer online MMOs and they were released at a time when graphics in games weren't great.

    Now, we're in a whole different era. What I found is I loved the remake but after a day or so of play I've not touched it since. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, I love it and it's fun and it gave me several hours of fun and was nice to have that nostalgic feeling, but I just don't feel games like this will ever be the hits they were back in the day.

    While I know there's many players that like these 'building' or 'simulation' type games, Theme Hospital came out in a time when those types of games were revolutionary and there wasn't a great deal of other genres on the table, now we're spoilt for choice. So while there will always be a fan base out there for genre's and games like that, I just feel they wont ever be the ground breaking, top, must have, must play games that they once were back in the day.

    They literally advertise and piggy bank off giving that nostalgic experience, it's their main marketing point. If there had never been a Theme Hospital then I don't think Two Point would have as many people playing it.

    Don't get me wrong though, it's still fun and I'd recommend it to people who are into those types of games for sure.

    I'm hoping they release Black & White, that's another game I adored and would love to see a new modern update and version to that game. Universim is something similar and I've been enjoying that, check it out you may enjoy it if you like Two Point, they're massively different but not totally different in genre.
    R33KO, Mar 15, 2019 IP
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  3. Tom-Brown

    Tom-Brown Well-Known Member

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    @R33KO is right

    Lots of these remakes are selling just to fans who want to play an updated version of the original. This remake is pretty perfect in the way it plays and the humor in homage to the original.

    It has a lot of lost potential in the sense that a lot of modern building games allow a lot of complex interactions. This game could have been given a modern update which allowed the users to customise their hospitals in so much detail whilst keeping the same crazy humour.

    I think it's clear that adding complicated features would increase the development time and lower the developers return when they already know there is plenty of eager fans who will impulse buy basically a modern clone of Theme hosptial. I don't want to believe they were just in it for the money because the game itself is great! but I do feel the lack of content (the radio repeats itself way too often) and lack of a challenge makes this game a good nostalgia trip but way too simple.

    I do think this game would have sold even without Theme Hospital. its still a very high quality game. Im surprised its not on mobile as this type of game would sell to new generations so well on that platform.

    I hope if this game sold well theyll use the money to make a sequel which is more indepth and feature rich. I feel this was a safe bet and was a way to get the money to make a revolutionary sequel.
    Tom-Brown, Mar 19, 2019 IP
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