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Twitter "who to follow" suggestions

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by Nick Sanghera, Jan 4, 2018.

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    Hi all, I run a twitter handle about finance related information. Twitter is suggesting my "competitor" (actually someone who is trying to copy my style, content and duplicate my profile) to my followers in the 'who to follow' section on my profile. So half of that handle's followers are infact my followers.
    I have blocked that handle, muted it, I do not ever visit that handle.
    Is there any way to not allow twitter to automatically suggest that handle on my profile to my followers. Please suggest a solution.
    Nick Sanghera, Jan 4, 2018 IP
  2. GlosuveCRM

    GlosuveCRM Greenhorn

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    As per twitter! it will make people engage in it and this is what every social network does.
    you cannot block other handles from your users.
    So, it will never be possible if they stop showing related handles!
    because if it spots related then you the users will end up only using your page.
    so, better improve your quality than your competitors, this will make you famous.
    hope to see you famous soon. All the best.
    GlosuveCRM, Jan 5, 2018 IP