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Twitter Tips for Business

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by Sarah - Dufferin Media, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. ThemeMarvel

    ThemeMarvel Greenhorn

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    On Twitter, the best posting time slots according to your audience (followers) country also plays an important role. Most of the job oriented / busy people access their Twitter account during lunch break and/or after dinner time at home.
    ThemeMarvel, Nov 28, 2019 IP
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  2. Martin7677

    Martin7677 Peon

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    Twitter Tips-
    A full tips on How to Generate More Business Leads from Twitter-
    Martin7677, Feb 3, 2020 IP
  3. Priya-Sharma

    Priya-Sharma Greenhorn

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    1. Share, converse, retweet, be yourself, be positive & have a sense of humor.

    2. Be consistent.

    3. Share thoughts, experiences and opinion. Not the materialistic side!

    4. Respond to people! Don’t be just a broadcaster or one way traffic or PR Mouthpiece!

    5. Spelling and grammar errors make you look unprofessional.

    6. Want clicks on your link? Add an effective headline. Tell us WHY, give people reasons.

    7. Follow people and businesses in your niche, and in complementary niches.

    8. Create lists to have a better overview of your timeline.
    Priya-Sharma, Feb 11, 2020 IP
  4. Martin7677

    Martin7677 Peon

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    How to Use Twitter for B2B Lead Generation?

    I have been using Twitter as one of my marketing tools and seen tremendous results. The tactics I use are simple to execute
    So let’s get started-
    1. Optimize Your Bio

    • Use your Brand Name
    • Put links to your best performing or latest content
    • Mention your Periodic Offer or Link to Lead Magnet
    • Links to your Email Newsletter
    • Use hashtags relevant to the content you are putting in your bio.
    • Use Content/Text on the Header Image
    2. Create Content that Hits on Twitter
    • Keep it Short & Simple
    • Use Visual Content
    • Use Facts and Figures to support your say
    • Use newsworthy/trending content
    • Curate content from retweets and replies
    • Don’t forget the hashtags
    3. Use the Community Engagement Tactic
    • Engage with industry leaders
    • Tapping into the relevant niched audience
    • Providing answers to relevant peoples’ questions
    • Showcasing how you deal with your audience issues
    4. Answer Peoples’ Questions
    5. Create Mini-Campaigns for your Long-Form Content
    6. Target Events to Reach Decision-Makers
    7. Influencer Nurturing
    8. Use Follower Targetting to leads from your competitors
    9. Automate your Lead Gen Posts
    10. Engage and Entertain
    11. Promotion through Twitter Ads

    • Run Website Clicks or Conversion Ads for your most Successful Posts
    • Run Video Ads for your b2b webinar clips
    • Promote the Downloadable Form of Content
    12. Pin Your Most Engaging Tweet
    13. Twitter Polls
    14. Live Tweet During Major Events
    15. Track and Measure

    Martin7677, Feb 11, 2020 IP