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Twitter seach issue --or at least I think it is

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by writergirl5000, Jul 6, 2020.

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    Hi Everybody,

    I run a twitter chat that operates by searching for a specific hashtag. Most people access the chat via Tweetdeck, though some via phone and searching for the hashtag. Tonight, during the chat, my tweets suddenly stopped appearing in the chat. Some people didn't see any of the tweets I did, some saw some. The strange thing is, I could see all of mine and had no idea they weren't appearing till my co-moderator called me to tell me. The strange thing also is, another participant in the chat had the same experience (after a while, her tweets stopped showing up in the chat (every tweet we do in the chat includes the hashtag in the tweet which is how twitter aggregates the chat--by searching for the hashtag). So it wasn't just me.

    I contacted Twitter--they don't really do customer support. I also logged out and logged in using my second backup account. My tweets from that account did show up in Tweetdeck (and others could see that one) however, when I searched for my handle (my normal handle--the one that stopped having its tweets show up in the chat), nothing appeared.

    So I do think it's a search issue. BTW, my chat is a PG-13'ish rated chat so there was nothing inflammatory mentioned at all. And I'm not suspended. Also, nobody has any issues reading my regular tweets--only the ones that include the hashtag in them.

    Anybody have any suggestions? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    writergirl5000, Jul 6, 2020 IP