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Twitter Newbie Confused$@#!!

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by egardenpa, Jul 30, 2012.

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    Thanks for reading; I have a few questions.

    Background: I finally converted my static html site to Wordpress because I want to take advantage of social media and add a blog. I have tried adding social media icons to my posts without any success. The only plugin that worked was called "floating social media.." This doesn't work with my site as I have a full-width theme and anywhere the buttons go they conflict with my layout (they look sloppy and disconnected to the content).

    Question 1: Best plugin for this (Ideally not a sidebar widget but before after post or page title would be best--I'm open to suggestions though...)?

    Question 2: I don't understand why the configuration instructions ask me to enter my twitter account username etc. What does my twitter account have to do with anything (I know...I'm clueless)? I want others to tweet the post or page to their list of followers. I can post all day to my own list. I guess I really don't understand how this works. Anyone?

    Question 3: Can anyone recommend a tutorial, article etc. for maximizing these tools (Facebook. Twitter etc.) for gaining traffic?

    Thanks again.

    egardenpa, Jul 30, 2012 IP
  2. dmcbane

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    If I understand this correctly, then two plugins that work well are Sociable and Socialize. I'd give them both a try and see which one has better features for you particular needs. I believe Share This! is another similar plugin, but I haven't tried that one myself.
    dmcbane, Jul 31, 2012 IP