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Twitter custom #hex color scheme won't work

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by kamilll, Oct 8, 2017.

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    So before all changes in Twitter recent design, I was able to change EVERY section of my profile…but now it is broken and I couldn’t find help in Twitter or Google so…
    1.It's about “change color scheme” on the profile.
    When I click + for custom hex color, no matter what I write (desired colors here):
    63ff87 0EF65B 16f466 34ef4b
    it stays BLUE and nothing happens.
    I saw some people being able to turn basic orange to custom orange hex color on their twitter pages https://twitter.com/dannychoo from #ff691f to #FF7400 but no matter what green did I use, it wasn’t changing.

    2.Less important but still crucial: the left & right side of a profile is kinda blue-ish yet before that I could change the section color too and it was WHITE. How to change it to white?

    kamilll, Oct 8, 2017 IP