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Twitter Auto-Posting & Auto-Follow - Fix needed

Discussion in 'PHP' started by chrisnagios, Mar 19, 2015.

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    I have found an amazing open source script that does pretty much anything you may need for Twitter automation, like tweet scheduling and auto-follow / un-follow / discover etc ...

    The bad thing is that the guy who created it, is not responding to requests and that there is no community for help ...

    The script is a little old, but still works perfectly (if you have proper php version and php.ini)

    The only missing thing, is that for scheduled posts, there is no media / image support.

    Can someone help to add image upload & posting, for both the single tweet and the CSV bulk scheduling ? (for single, a drag n drop uploader will be great, for CSV bulk import, to provide url of image to be fetched and used)

    I have tried anything, still does not work ...

    Normally, it won't be more than few lines of code, but can't find which files to change ...

    Thanks guys, I hope it can be fixed and shared for all people, it's amazing to have such free, open source tool available !!!

    The script name is Twando.com
    chrisnagios, Mar 19, 2015 IP