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Twitter account suspension without any explanation

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by Max Frazeman, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Hello, my account was suspended yesterday and the reason I was provided with was 'violation of rules' without no further explanation on which of the rules have we violated. I submitted an appeal request but it was rejected with the same general 'violation of Twitter rules' as the reason and that further appeals and replies to the decision will be ignored.

    I need to know what exactly have my company done in violation of your rules. This account was an authentic business page for a company registered in US and operating in 3 countries with registered trademarks in US, Europe and Turkey and serving 100000 customers.

    We have never published copyrighted content, we have never violated a trademark as we have our own trademark in multiple countries. so what is the reason? Is it logging in to account from multiple locations? is it about the content? Is it caused by the apps connected to our account like Crowdfire whose API was recently blocked by Twitter?
    We have invested multiple thousand dollars in this account and have about 5000 subscribers over years. and they suddenly kill the account without letting us know what we have done that violated your rules.

    I have contacted Twitter Support though through a irrelevant category as the bot was not allowing me submit my message in other categories.

    Anyone has any useful tips on what I can reach out to Twitter about this and learn about the details why this happened.

    Your help is much appreciated.
    Max Frazeman, Feb 12, 2019 IP