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TUTORIAL: Print on Demand for Beginners

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Ethan.Digital, Jan 27, 2018.

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    Hey Fellow Marketers!

    First post here.

    For those interested in Print on Demand, which has always been around but is recently blowing up in popularity, I thought I'd share a video tutorial series for people just starting out or looking for additional strategies to supplement their current store(s).

    If you have any eye for design, I highly recommend at least trying your hand in Print on Demand. In comparison to dropshipping products from your usual suppliers, POD is a relatively simple business model without the usual headaches such as shipping time, returns, customer service, niche competiton etc.

    I've had a number of questions relating to POD, so thought it'd be useful to share with everyone a free step-by-step tutorial - nothing paid, no edits, no BS. Just a straight forward tutorial. The tutorial will consist of:
    • - **Part 1:** Shopify, billing and POD setup
      - **Part 2:** How to create winning designs and strategies
      - **Part 3:** Driving traffic via Facebook ads and influencers
      - **Part 4:** TBC based on feedback, potentially how to scale

    Hope this helps, so if you're just getting stuck into POD or want to jump right in, be sure to check out the series!

    Ethan.Digital, Jan 27, 2018 IP