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Trustrank Vs. SEO - What I've noticed about its importance.

Discussion in 'SEO' started by phoenixcarpet, Sep 6, 2006.

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    My site has been locked out of the serps in Google for over 18 months. Just last night I got in and in a strong way. All my keywords were ranked from nowhere to the 20-45 range. Now this morning they are getting even better. More like 17-28 range. This is exciting stuff for my family business.

    Here is what I feel happened and why, to get me into the serps.
    First a preface.

    My site was started long before many of the others in my field. Yet they were ranking almost 6 months before I would even show up. Now in this time I had 1st place rankings in yahoo and msn beating them out yet they would kill me in google.

    I contribute this to the fact that my Business's name is actually the keyword we all are trying to get listed for. This hurt me in the short run. Because the keyword density would look like I was spamming a page even though I was just writing about my business. This was very frustrating!

    How I overcame this I feel was trustrank.

    The only thing that changed with relation to my site recently was that D.M.O.Z. picked up my site and listed it in a catagory. This is the only link added in quite a while and I feel that this changed googles mind about whether my site was spam or not since a human editor reviewed and listed the site. That was 14 days ago and now Im listed.

    Trustrank must be a huge factor in the listings nowadays. Just an observation from an amatuer in the field, but what do you all think?
    phoenixcarpet, Sep 6, 2006 IP
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  2. candysmith

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    I would agree. As a website designer I've noticed that when we get a new clients site listed in dmoz quickly, its not neccessary to find hundreds of sites to link to them, a few will do and they rank very quickly in google, often getting a 1-5 place ranking within a month or so. The odd site we battle to get into dmoz... needs hundreds of links! So I think your observation is valid.
    candysmith, Sep 6, 2006 IP