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Selling Trust Me! This Is The Right Link Building Choice...

Discussion in 'Services' started by Ben Weir, Oct 22, 2015.



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    Hello folks,

    It's Ben Weir again. I've been doing content writing and content marketing since last 2 years. I know it's not easy to get regular search and referral traffic to your site/blog. I have tried many ways to get my content to the top on search engines. From my experience I can say, getting links from genuine and trusted sites is the right choice you can ever make!

    The sites which I provide are not part of any private blog network. I handpick each and every site after a thorough research and analysis; which saves time, money and efforts for you. The websites are up to date with Google algorithms. Talking about content, being a wordsmith on the forum, content won’t be a matter of thought. I will provide you with detailed report once the job is done and will be in touch for any doubts. That’s not all folks! The whole thing will result in some marvelous perks for your site:

    1. Quality backlinks from trusted sources
    2. Referral traffic
    3. Brand exposure
    4. Social media engagement
    5. Boost in SERP rank​

    If everything sounds pretty good so far, then why not to order?
    I will need the keyword (anchor text) you intend to target and the link you want to point. Then I want you to sit back and relax as I will perform the rest part of the story.

    Contact Details:
    Skype: ben.weir2711

    I will be looking forward to a long term business relationship.

    The Best,
    - Ben Weir.
    Ben Weir, Oct 22, 2015 IP
  2. Matthew Sayle

    Matthew Sayle Prominent Member

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    You are worse then a beggar on the street - quit asking dozens of people if they will give you a free review.

    Not to be rude, but you have been a member for less than a week - who would give you a free review?

    Establish yourself first, then go around asking for free reviews.

    Now, onto my question to @Ben Weir

    The bulk of my time is spent link building.

    It would be nice to hire someone with similar integrity to do it for me.

    However, nobody seems to know what link building is anymore.

    Let me ask you this question - if I order the $30.00 service, will you let me review your sources before you submit the backlinks?

    I don't really feel like spending hours disavowing links all afternoon.
    Matthew Sayle, Oct 23, 2015 IP
    Ben Weir likes this.
  3. Ben Weir

    Ben Weir Active Member

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    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for speaking from my side.

    I will definitely give you sites with matrix, so that you can review and let me know your decision.
    Ben Weir, Oct 24, 2015 IP