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Trump: We are not nation building!

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by dscurlock, Aug 22, 2017.

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    Bullshit, thats a lie...

    We have spent trillions of dollars, and the last 20 years being in-trenched in
    other nations. We do not have to nation-build, we have already spent enough
    tax payer money that we could have re-built a couple of nations by now...

    what could have trillions of dollars done for the US economy? The US consistenty
    does not mind paying huge amounts of money thinking if we stay in Afgan forever,
    or other countries then that will be alright; Lets just say it like it really is, once
    we pull out which will be never, then the terrorists will move right back in...

    Now we get trapped in this endless cycle of being police to the world; We can
    not even take care of our own, huge debt, bad roads, bad electrical system,
    under-funded services, jobs, more taxes, and for what? to be police to other
    nations to only prevent what sooner or later happen anyways....

    Every Time we waste money on worthless causes that you can not prevent,
    then you are nation building! how about our nation building...?

    We seem to occupy other countries also; War in germany has been over
    for many years now, why are the hell are we still there? provide moral support?

    When it comes to funding other countries for worthless causes or
    things that you will never-ever change, apparently we have unlimited credit...

    maybe you should feel great that you are paying high taxes in america
    so america can abuse, misuse, over-spend on pork barrel everything....
    This is exactly why our taxes high...

    Every Time the govt makes a bad decision on spending,
    dont sweat the small things; you will just keep paying high taxes.

    it is your money....

    Too the next 20 years in Afgan...
    and/or other countries we have no business being in....

    Who writes those "Blank" checks?
    United States of America
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
    dscurlock, Aug 22, 2017 IP