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trouble with selling on flippa....

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by matt_62, Feb 5, 2014.

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    I am not too impressed with flippa at the moment.

    For a start, just listing the domain required having to raise a ticket (due to some verification issue), I would have expected the system to be fully automated.

    BUT, for the listing I have currently, I paid for it to be promoted on the home page (paid $85, though it seems pricing may have changed since then). I have never once seen my listing on the home page, additionally, when I contacted support, the reply indicated a sort of apology along with "it has been fixed" (email landed in my junk folder and has sadly been deleted :( ).
    However, Today I look, and again, cannot find my listing on the home page.

    Has anyone else had these issues with flippa recently?

    Got another reply from flippa, which was basically "tuff shit" explaining it is only on the home page temporarily.
    But I have never seen it on the home page, additionally, when I paid to list, it clearly states:
    I am feeling quite pissed off right now.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2014
    matt_62, Feb 5, 2014 IP
  2. averyz

    averyz Well-Known Member

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    That sucks, maybe you can try to get your money back from them.

    I tried selling a site on there a few years ago just to see how the system worked. The site got a fake bid that never paid. I contacted support it took days to get an auto response, eventually I was able to realist it. The site fell out of view in 20min without the “upgraded” listing features and was buried in auto blogs and templates with spun content with fake earnings.

    In the end I spend $30-$40 did not sell the site and decided I would never spend a dime on that site again. I get the vibe there is some shady stuff going on behind the system.

    Flippa Sucks. I used to go to Sitepoint once in a while I liked Sitepoint and found good info on there, then they morphed it into Filppa all the while trying to use community support to screw their own community that made them. No one fell for it and everyone left now they have hired form posters to keep it going and a few scrounging 3rd world urchins.
    averyz, Feb 6, 2014 IP
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  3. sweetpea69

    sweetpea69 Active Member

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    that's why it's recommended to not use the featured home page upgrade until your auction is about up. Usually in the last day. It is something that should be mentioned on flippa. I'd be pissed to.

    I was having issues the other day listing a domain, it wouldn't verify the f'in thing. Spent all day, until I said f'k it, and listed another one. lol
    sweetpea69, Feb 24, 2014 IP
  4. Mary101

    Mary101 Member

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    It is quite hard for new members to sell on flippa.
    Mary101, Feb 25, 2014 IP
  5. PunctRo

    PunctRo Active Member

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    I also have a tough time selling on Flippa.
    I got a seller for my ad but he wasn't able to pay via escrow.com. He says hi can't pay via wire transfer.
    So the whole sale is blocked on esrcow. The client says he can pay via paypal if I manage to add the option to the flippa ad.
    But curenlty the ad on Flippa is blocked, meaning I can't edit it and the site is marked as sold to the client.
    Moreover I am invoiced 20$ for a sale that didn't end.
    I contacted support and got some bogus answers.
    Waiting to see what happens but so far Flippa was not a good experience for me.
    PunctRo, Nov 27, 2014 IP