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Trouble connecting to webmin

Discussion in 'Apache' started by ozstar, Jan 16, 2020.

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    I ave an apache webserver running okay and now have Webmin.

    I am trying to get to it from outside the LAN.

    I checked the Port Fwd and it is set TCP/UDP to 10000 to my box where
    the apache webserver is 80 and the router itself is 8081
    Code (markup):
    I also have 443 for SSL for the Qnap NAS which is also on the same LAN and outside static IP#.

    When I put
    Code (markup):
    I get an Error from a Qnap NAS page

    When I enter
    Code (markup):
    I get URL NOT Found on this server - (my server Port 80)

    On local box I get Webmin okay with this

    Code (markup):
    In Webmin in 'Access Control' I have all Yes with Local Lan.
    I noticed this but would it apply to me?

    In 'Ports and Addresses' in Webmin - All Yes and 10000

    Any suggestions please?

    ozstar, Jan 16, 2020 IP