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Transcription Services

Discussion in 'Co-op Advertising Network' started by vmprotect, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Hello all DP members,
    Can anyone give me an brief idea about Transcription Services?
    In which field this services is related?
    Is it a part of IT services or related with any other field?
    vmprotect, Feb 1, 2012 IP
  2. markbatham2009

    markbatham2009 Active Member

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    As per my knowledge I can describe Transcription Services as follows...

    Transcription Services is a type of services to convert video, audio related material into textual form. Transcriptions services includes converting films, documentaries, podcast, news; reality shows, television shows and talk shows, interviews, radio broadcasts, videotaped events, university lectures, raw footage etc into text format. Transcription services needs for all digital audios, Radio, videos, TV, Documentary Film Transcriptions, Movie Scripts, Journalist Interviews voice to text, mobile phone voice mail.

    This services covers a broad areas, not specifically any one field. Now a days there are available many Transcription Software also. You can check it online.

    Hope now you'll understand better about Transcription services.
    markbatham2009, Feb 3, 2012 IP
  3. nick1127

    nick1127 Peon

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    I am interested for transcription jobs. Please email me the details. Thanks
    nick1127, Mar 1, 2012 IP