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Traditional Advertising is going to be Replaced Soon

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Johnriver743, Jul 18, 2018.

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    The global advertising industry is projecting to pass the revenue of $550 billion in the year 2018. The advertising revenue takes the value of Google to >$700 billion and Facebook >$500 billion. These things are going to be changed soon.

    If I say the advertising business is going to disappear, dematerialize or going to downfall.

    Let’s find what will replace the traditional advertising.

    History of Traditional Advertising

    In the early 60’s TV, print and advertising agencies ruled in the market and these were the mediums for the advertisements to the people. The thing that matters is there is no question about the dot-com revolution. Few of us understand the impact of the dot-com revolution.

    Less than two decades after the dot-com revolution Google and Facebook combined took the most advertising market than all other print media platforms. Here’s the figure of revenue generated by the Google and Facebook in the year 2107 areas

    • The total revenue generated from the Google Ad was $95 billion

    • The total generated Revenue by Facebook Ad’s was $39 billion

    Google and Facebook both are just a few years old and they combined to produce the 25% revenue than other print media platforms. in the last ten years, all the advertising industry converted into social media marketing supported by the open sources and e-commerce platforms. Mobile industry also plays its important role in social media marketing.

    Your AI will buy your stuff in future

    Convincing you to buy something is the main strategy of today’s advertising campaigns. They admire the benefits. Buying this product will make you successful, popular and so on. In future when AI, not you take the decision of purchasing something that will happen?

    For example, imagine your version of from the Ironman. In future, you just command “I am low on toothpaste buy it for me”. What will your version do? Does he watch the TV campaigns filled with white smiles?

    Surely, no he will formulate all the things in seconds like options, pricing, satisfaction reports and perhaps your flavor as well. What about the toy car you want to buy for your son on his birthday. You just have to say to it and he will find it for you. This will work in all the fields even in the fashion industry. You are moving in the time where all your decisions will be made by your AI and this is the great threat to the traditional advertising platforms.
    Final Words

    We must be thankful to the AI that we are experiencing the new D of exponentials. In the end, your AI will purchase the things for you. You will never get worried in the future for the Ads because yours AI will manage it all for you. Your AI will optimize the decisions for you as you can’t trust the traditional advertising anymore.
    Johnriver743, Jul 18, 2018 IP