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Selling Trademark Registry Business Serving 10 Countries. Recently Launched and Doing Well Already

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Mr Legrand, Aug 18, 2020.

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    Welcome to the auction for Regmarker.com


    Regmarker is an online international trademark law firm registering trademarks in 10 territories namely; United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Europe, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Russia and Mexico.

    The company was recently launched in July and has already made 9 high ticket sales.

    This business is 100% outsourced and you do not need to know any law in order to run it.

    How it works & How you can make money from it:

    As mentioned above, the business model is 100% outsourced meaning you do not have to do any work. Here is how it works:

    1. A customer places an order on Regmarker.com and makes the payment

    2. You take part of the payment and place your order with the service provider (that I will link you with)

    3. The provider does the work and returns the finished job to you

    4. You take the finished job and send it to the customer

    5. You keep your profit

    That’s it!

    Why you should buy it:

    You will be literally owning a multinational business with ‘presence’ in the 10 territories mentioned above. The potential is exceptional!

    In addition, the business is 100% outsourced meaning you do not need any knowledge in the trademark industry in order to run it!

    The margins:

    Profit margins are about 50%. You can increase the price if you see it fit

    What you will get after the sale:

    1. The catchy domain name: www.regmarker.com pushed to your namecheap account
    2. The website and all files

    3. Free transfer of the website to your hosting

    4. The Facebook page fb.com/regmarkerofficial (138 followers)

    5. Free linking of your PayPal account to the site

    6. Introduction to the service provider where you can outsource

    7. Free hosting of the site for 3 months if you do not have a host yet

    8. Free ideas and suggestions to grow the business even further

    I will also consider serious offers to end the auction instantly.
    Feel free to PM me so i can show you proof of sales or if you have an offer or question.

    Payment accepted is PayPal

    Mr Legrand, Aug 18, 2020 IP