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Trade Safely

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by AmanDH, Aug 20, 2013.

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    I see lots of people getting scammed everyday and in most of the cases they are not cautious enough while making deals. So i am listing things i remember while dealing online and at digitalpoint, maybe it will be helpful for you as well.
    1. Ask for proof whenever you deal
    2. Use an escrow, it is better to pay extra rather than losing your money
    3. Sometimes scammers don't use proper grammar so stay cautious
    4. Use google to search if a user is listed as scammer on any other site or not. Google can search that and it might help you
    5. Use teamviewer or join.me to see if the user can show you the deal live(Both Free)
    6. Check users profile as it reveals lots of information about the user
    7. Don't start listening to stories of scammers as they are just to lure you
    8. Don't include any suspicious third party
    9. Follow your instincts and think rationally. If you feel someone is just stalling, trolling leave the deal. There are lot of people online
    10. Record every conversation between you and the person you are dealing with
    11. Take screenshots of everything you do as if in case of charge back you can show them as proof
    12. Don't give your personal information like phone no, home address etc
    13. Finally i will repeat, this is internet. You don't know who you are dealing with so think about the whole process you will go through for the deal.
    Happy Trading
    AmanDH, Aug 20, 2013 IP
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