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Tracking online Adverts on 3rd party newsletters

Discussion in 'Traffic Analysis' started by SnorA, Mar 1, 2017.

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    Hello there,

    I am new to the forum. I was hoping if someone could please give me a hand with this?

    We are placing adverts on a few third party newsletters and I was wondering if anybody knew a simple way of tracking the traffic coming through from this online initiative so I can measure ROI? Is there a way of tracking that on google analytics?
    I appreciate any help on this.

    Thanks a lot!!
    SnorA, Mar 1, 2017 IP
  2. KingViper

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    an easy way would be to use an ad server for this. It will generate ad tags for your own ads which will include a tracking pixel. Whenever someone views or clicks on your ad, the ad server will register the activity. Check out Revive Ad Server (Free).
    KingViper, Mar 9, 2017 IP