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Top SEO Ranking Factors Data for October 2022

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by kjh-08, Nov 12, 2022.

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    The number one ranking factor "category" as usual is Diversity. Followed by factors categorized as relevancy.

    The #1 ranking factor was the "Number of Top 100 shared factors used".

    The only singular factor in the top 5 factors, was "Number of Unique LSI words used". Dropped three spots to #5.

    Largest jump by 100 spots to #89 was "Variations making whole A tags".

    "Unabridged word count" and "word count" both moved up to spots #20 and #27.

    In the Authority category, "Number of Internal Links" moved up 44 spots to #51.

    "Number of Dofollow Links" moved up 53 spots to #52.

    A Twitter account holds more weight than FB. "Number of Social Accounts" entered the Top 200 factors at #160. Social accounts are also a "Trust" signal.

    Large shakeup with factors exiting and entering the Top 200 factors.

    "Having a Policy Page" exited the Top 200 ranking factors. About Page is not in the Top 200.

    A ton of Schema and JSON-LD elements exited the Top 200 ranking factors.

    "Percentage of Dofollow Internal Links" entered the Top 200 at #175
    kjh-08, Nov 12, 2022 IP
  2. mikemiller1

    mikemiller1 Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for sharing. This is helpful! Wonder what - "Variations making whole A tags" means.
    Note to self - "Number of Unique LSI words used" is important!

    Also would you know if bounce rate and CTR moved up?
    mikemiller1, Nov 23, 2022 IP
  3. kjh-08

    kjh-08 Well-Known Member

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    A Tags are anchor tags and can have different attributes.

    Bounce rate and CTR are not in the top 200 factors. G definitely takes this into account internally. This metric is impossible to compare like other elements, because it can literally change by-the-mintue if you have a lot of traffic. What I've found to help with these two metrics are:

    Bounce rate: Fast load speed, be in-depth covering everything on the topic (end their search with your page!), have interesting introductions, UX (limit ad's/popups), add images/visuals, use headers to breakup content, avoid walls of text- using 2-3 sentences max per paragraph.

    CTR: Create great/enticing Titles, Optimized Meta Descriptions with a hook, friendly URL's, FAQ schema, Jumplinks, Review schema (review stars/for local businesses/products, *for those types of sites), build a Brand/become the authority (more likely to click on a Brands result they've heard of), try to rank in the #1 spot in the SERPs (most obvious one).
    kjh-08, Nov 24, 2022 IP