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Selling Top Ranked Movies Website Earning $600+/month And Consistently Growing With SEO!!!

Discussion in 'Sites' started by yebel89@gmail.com, Nov 6, 2009.

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    FOR SCREENSHOTS http://alltopmovies.com/data.zip
    FOR VERIFIED GOOGLE ANALYTICS IMAGES: http://flippa.com/auctions/77732/attachments/107597.pdf
    For Updated Traffic Screenshot (Full October) http://flippa.com/auctions/77732/attachments/108248.jpg

    Up for sale today is a premium website that has absolutely fantastic statistics with a lot of serious potential. AllTopMovies is a site in the movies niche that has simply taken off in the last 6 months due to intense efforts on my part to optimize its SEO. Combined with over 30,000 backlinks and a strong anchor in Social Bookmarking sites, AllTopMovies is provided with a serious amount of quality daily traffic that has been consistent and is reflected in its statistics shown below.

    With this large amount of valued traffic, it has been very easy to monetize the website. I’ve been using 3 streams of revenue for AllTopMovies and in the last 3 months have earned over $600 a month on average. The 3 streams broken down are as follows:

    1.Adsdaq: Adsdaq pays on a per-impression basis and I have earned $1,155 in the last 90 days through this alone.

    2.iReel: This is a network which pays you to sign up to watch movies online. It is free to set up an account and in the last 3 months I have earned $375

    3.Adsense: Adsense pays on a PPC (pay-per-click) basis and in the last 3 months I have earned $311.

    Total from the last 90 days = $1,855 or $618/month.

    If one were interested in investing more time to increase the revenue of AllTopMovies, I would recommend using more affiliate marketing and veering away from methods where you are earning on a per impression or a per click basis. There are some great movie sites that have affiliate programs out there such as NetFlix and Blockbuster, and there are relevant Clickbank and CommissionJuction products that you can place in relevant articles to increase earnings.

    Moreover AllTopMovies requires very little maintenance at this stage in the game which is another benefit for those interested in semi-automated money. Traffic is pretty consistent and it should stay that way at this point even with infrequent posts. However, with consistent posting, you will certainly see your traffic, search engine rankings, and revenue increase so that is for sure what I'd recommend for you. Ideally, there should be 15-20 posts a month. Most of the articles that I have written are in the manner of a “top 10” and they have been greeted with very warm responses from my readership.

    AllTopMovies.com has a dedicated readership and I have used social bookmarking to anchor a firm base for the site, and to create additional avenues for it to expand. That being said, the AllTopMovies website has a successful Twitter account with over 500 followers that will be given over to the next owner.

    The Domain is at domainms.com so there will be a free transfer and moving over the files will be free and simple as well. The site works off WordPress and you'll be given all of the login info necessary to take over the site. I prefer that payments be made via Escrow.com and my history at sitepoint/flippa indicates that I am a trustworthy seller. The detailed screen shots provide an accurate account of the site being sold.

    I'm here to answer all of your question and Good Luck Bidding!

    yebel89@gmail.com, Nov 6, 2009 IP
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    I like the site but what is ur reserve price,
    Also you can pm the info.
    WebMaster1989, Apr 16, 2010 IP