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Top Quality Community Site - Has It's Own Store

Discussion in 'Sites' started by brentl, Feb 20, 2008.

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    This site has received major press coverage by ABC News: ABC News Press

    The site is GreenMarines.com and is the first site I ever created. It currently recieves anywhere from 200 - 400 Unique Visitors Daily from natural search engine rankings.

    It ranks in the top 3 on Google for the following keywords:

    "combat video"
    "combat videos"
    "iraq combat videos"
    "marine combat videos"
    "marines forum"
    "marine forum"
    "marine forums"

    This site has over 350 combat videos and over 120 aarticles.

    Green Marines has it's own affiliate store set up as a subdomain on the merchant website http://greenmarines.usptgear.com selling Military Apparel and Gear. Green Marines makes a 10% commission on everything sold in the store. Green Marines is under a 2 year contract with USPTGear that will be transfered to the new owner. The contract will expire in October of this year (2008). The primary obligation (and really the only obligation) is that Green Marines must link to the affiliate store during the contract. USPTGear is a very good merchant to deal with. I have my own Google Analytics code on the store as well as Google conversion tracking pixels. You will have the opportunity to work directly with a merchant with this site to generate sales and money. There is also a reporting interface on the store subdomain that tracks sales in Real Time. I have done some PPC with this site. PPC traffic could be a good money maker for this affiliate store.

    The site also made about $170 each of the last two months (Dec. 07 / Jan. 08) with the eBay affiliate program on Commission Junction.

    Green Marines is also monetized with Google Adsense. This past summer I was making $30/ day doing arbitrage with Google Adsense on this site. That amount has dropped to about $3 a day at this point. It has dropped due to a change in the market, a recent site redesign, and i also quit doing Arbitrage with it as well. The site needs to be re-optimized for Google Adsense.

    Green Marines has maintained a consistent 3% - 3.5% conversion rate as far as memberhip goes. That means about 3% of all visitors convert into Registered Members. The site currently has 2,596 members. Currently membership is free. i have never experiemnted with Paid Subscriptions with this site, which could be a potential gold mine.

    Tech Requirements
    Windows hosting
    ASP.NET Framework 2.0 (free download from Microsoft)
    SQL Server Express 2005 (free download from Microsoft)
    - you can also run the datbase on SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005
    The site is maintained with a CMS called DotNetNuke. It runs version 4.03.05 of Dot Net Nuke.

    You must secure your own hosting for this site. I will only host this site for 7 days after the auction has ended. do not bid unless you can host this site yourself within 7 days of auction close.

    Domains: greenmarines.com and greenmarines.net
    The SQL Server database, and website files (240 mb) .


    As I said earlier, this site is managed 100% through it's own web interface. Familiarity with DotNetNuke CMS will be required to run the site. In other words, when you log in with the Admin password, you gain access to all of the site's content directly in the your web browser. You manage user's, emails, content, moderate forums, add articles, all through a Web interface directly on the domain. Learning to manage a DNN site will be required to run this site. I currently spend about 1 hour a week maintaining this site.

    Payment will be due within 3 days. If the full payment is not received within three days, the sale will be considered void and the site will be relisted for sale. No exceptions.

    Revenue Details:
    This summer this site was making $900 - $1200 / month with Google Adsense.

    10% commision earned through sales in a custom affiliate store selling military apparel and gear.
    eBay affiliate program $170 / month

    Traffic Details:
    57% of traffic from Search Engines
    37% is DIRECT traffic (return visitors)
    5% is from referring sites
    brentl, Feb 20, 2008 IP