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Selling TOP NOTCH Weight Loss Website with Incredible Google Rankings

Discussion in 'Sites' started by GeorgR., May 31, 2011.

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    This is a sale which i will only conduct with reputable members, and the sale would exclusively happen via Escrow to ensure maximum security of the purchase, for the buyer as well as for me.

    I am selling a weight loss site which is about 1 year 3 months old. The site has incredible Google rankings which includes PAGE 1 RANKINGS in Google US and UK for the keywords "lose weight fast", "lose weight" as well as other high traffic keywords.

    The site is getting between 500-1400 unique visitors a day, last weeks towards a stable avg 1000/day. Traffic is 99,99% from UK and US.

    The traffic of the site is steadily increasing ever since February this year. Traffic doubled almost any two weeks. 1300 visitors last Sunday.


    Revenue started out slow since we installed Adsense about 2 months. It first was on avg EU4 day, is now getting towards on avg EU9/day. Yesterday i mad EU14.96 from Adsense which translates to approx $20.

    This site had extensive link building done, all content is UNIQUE and of top notch quality. It is a wordpress site using the thesis theme. It has about 120 indexed pages in Google, as well as a small forum. It also has a small twitter account which goes with the site if interested.

    There is no reason to assume that either traffic or revenue would decrease - actually the opposite is the case seeing the traffic and revenue stats.

    We are also actively working on adding new content pages optimized for higher CPC, for example weight loss surgery related. HUGE POTENTIAL to rank for all kinds of weight loss keywords! (Higher CPC, better earnings!)

    We have all logs like statcounter, analytics, AdSense etc. and can prove the legitimacy of all stats.

    Only interested in a serious and experienced buyer.

    Taking the current avg. of EU8-10($14.70) Adsense at the moment our target selling price is $6000 but we are open to negotations.
    (There is absolutely no doubt that Adsense revenue will furthermore increase. It basically doubled already within the last month and there is a strong upwards trends. Adsense revenue for May EU158 = $232, this is when the avg. was still about EU6/day. Future/June etc. expected higher due to getting to an avg EU10 per day at the moment)


    Please PM or email rauh.georg AT gmail.com
    Last edited: May 31, 2011
    GeorgR., May 31, 2011 IP
  2. GeorgR.

    GeorgR. Peon

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    Please note that until two days ago we had the site running on a VPS which literally burst because not enough memory and way too many sites hosted on it. The result was almost daily down times which resulted in the "hole" with only 500ish or 600 daily visitors for a few days as seen above.

    We now changed all the sites to a new and betterVPS hosting (since yesterday!) and you can already see the traffic spiking again with over 1000 dailies since we moved the site.

    In the AdSense shot above (other stats blurred due to Adsense TOS) you can also see a clear trend going towards EU8/EU9 average per day in AdSense revenue. This months revenue is at EU162 (== $240)..this INCLUDES the time where the site was down for hours every day.

    Seeing that there is a trend towards avg EU9/day (and most certainly beyond very, very soon due to new server :) it is easy to "predict" future earnings for coming months. I am optimistic and take EU10 as a realistic number which shows that $450/month from Adsense per month is very close and *likely* to be reached very, very soon based on the CURRENT stats and trends and their outlook.
    Last edited: May 31, 2011
    GeorgR., May 31, 2011 IP