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Top 4 Albums To Work To

Discussion in 'Movies, Music & TV' started by avcer0, Mar 17, 2021.

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    I've made a list of the top 4 albums that I listen to while studying or working in some sort of way. These albums have helped me through some of the hardest assignments. If I can't work with silence I never hesitate to play one of these records. This is all just based on my personal opinion but if you want you can drop your favorite albums below!

    1. Excursions by C418

    This album is an electronic house-styled compilation composed by the brilliant Daniel Rosenfeld (C418). This album is a celebration of the mix between analog electronic and orchestral music. Each track is unique and has a consistent groove. The way the songs mix in with the realistic soundscapes at the beginning of each track is super satisfying. The dark synthwave along with the groovy house tracks makes this album a number 1 on this list.

    2. Velocity: Design: Comfort by Sweet Trip

    If you're into loud glitchy indie pop/shoegaze, this album is for you. Although this album was released in 2003 (almost 18 years old!), it still lives up to today's underground, modern era music. The second track, Dsco, is probably my personal favorite because it is the perfect smosh between being loud but also melodic, like the other songs in the album. The overdriven guitars mix lovely with the loud punchy drums. This album was made by Sweet Trip, a band that formed in high school in 1998. The band consisting of Valerie Cooper, Roby Burgos, Viet Le and Rob Uytingco. Whenever I'm stuck in a test, these people know exactly how to help.

    3. One by C418

    This album is perfect to work to. Whether it's paper work, digital work, any kind of work, this is probably one of the best albums I've listened to overall. This is a bright orchestral/electronic album once again made by the mighty C418. I've listened to this album many times in the past. I first discovered it a few years ago and ever since then it's been the sound that motivates me to get a job done. If you're into avant grade electronic music I would 100% recommend this album to you.

    4. Homework by Daft Punk

    As you all probably know, Daft Punk recently retired from their music making career as a duo. But that doesn't stop me from thrashing their tunes on a day to day basis. Their music is still well alive and it'll be here to stay for quite a while. This is Homework, Daft Punk's first studio album. This album is full of groovy samples and melodic house tracks. Although some of the music on this album can get a bit repetitive, it is still a good piece of music.
    And that concludes the top 4 albums to work to. Hopefully this thread can help fill your inability to work properly at the moment. Remember to drop some albums that you think should have been added if you have any in the reply section. :)
    avcer0, Mar 17, 2021 IP