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Top 16 Domains with High trust Flow and Domain Authority Where you Can Get Backlinks for Free

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Mitchel J, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Hello, this is my post here. I can across this list and I jotted down some websites where you can get high authority backlinks to your website. Hopes this helps someone.

    1. Facebook (DA 100) – Whenever you create a facebook page, you can leave a link to your website.

    2. Twitter (DA 100) - Creating a profile is super easy, and so is putting a link on here too

    3. Youtube (DA100)- YouTube channel not only allows you to put 1 backlink on their website, but up to 5 on the channel page. This is great to link to your website as well as other social media sites.

    4. Google my business- (DA 100) – Every business should be set up their Google My Business page. This is a great way to get a link from Google itself.

    5. LinkedIn - (DA 100) Millions of people today use this site to not only meet others, but to link out to their own websites.

    6. Pinterest- (DA 100) When you create your profile, you can put your link back to your main site.

    7. Stumbleupon- (DA 98) This social bookmarking website allows to add your other social media profiles to it, as well a bookmark your main site, this gives you tons of links.

    8. Disqus- (DA 97) Your Disqus profile gives you a chance to place your backlink on this great website.
    9. SlideShare-(DA 95) Slideshare also allows you to link back to your main site, as well as link out to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.

    10. Dailymotion- (DA 94) Dailymotion, similar to what appears on the YouTube channel page, you can add 5 other social media websites, so make sure you add your main site, along with 4 other social profiles too.

    11. Soundcloud- (DA 93)

    12. Diigo (DA 92)

    13. Scribd- (DA 92)

    14. About- (DA 90)

    15. Crunchbase- (DA 86

    16. Scoop.it (DA 86)
    Mitchel J, Sep 26, 2018 IP