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Tool to analyze frequency of purchases

Discussion in 'Better Analytics' started by kamilglowacki, Mar 4, 2021.

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    Does anyone know or use a tool to analyze a frequency of purchases? For example:

    Case 1

    'Client A' had bought a 'Product B' 1st March and it was his 1st purchase ever. Then 1st April a 'Client A' made another (2nd) purchase and bought a 'Product C'.

    I would like to measure/check:
    1. Period of time between 1st and 2nd purchase
    2. What is the most popular product buying as a 2nd if 1st purchase was a 'Product B'?

    Case 2
    'Client A' bought at least 2 items during 1st purchase. A 'Product B' and a 'Product C'.

    I would like to measure/check:
    1. What is the most frequently buying product in pair with a 'Product B'

    Platform : PrestaShop

    Thanks in advance for your responses
    kamilglowacki, Mar 4, 2021 IP
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    I have seen your task and i cand handle
    vidiat, Mar 4, 2021 IP