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Tired of Junky SEO Links? Get Quality Links with Guest Posts

Discussion in 'Services' started by internetauthor, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Of course the problem with guest posts is that they are time consuming. Not only do you have to find the blogs that are open to guest authors, you have to write the post (or outsource it), edit it to suit the blog you’re looking at and then actually follow-up on the posting.

    It’s likely that the guest posts you’re looking for (and willing to pay for) are for your money sites. These posts don’t just generate a nice link; they also can provide traffic back to your site. It’s not a time to throw a cheap or spun article up on another person's site. It makes you look shady to readers and if it’s a blog worth anything they won’t publish it anyhow.

    True guest posts require delicate handling, people skills, professionalism and quality writing. This is often your brand you’re representing through the link, and you certainly don’t want to leave it in the hands of someone untrustworthy or unprofessional – especially within your niche.

    I’ve been doing this for six years and have contacts in many niches of the blogging world. Let me handle all aspects of guest posting for you.

    For $60 per post I will:
    - Look for real blogs (not some cheap wheel or junk site) to post to in or near your niche.
    - Contact the owner to see what sort of material he is looking for – often you must contact up to five or ten blogs before you find a good one.
    - Write the high-quality blog post that both you and the blog owner (and your client if you’re running an SEO firm) are expecting.
    - Send over the blog, create any accounts and manage the placement of the blog and link.
    - Follow up with the blog owner to be sure that all links are set correctly and the blog is posted in a timely manner.
    - Contact you with the url for the post so that you can add it to your files.

    $60 is a lot for an article for most DP webmasters, but you’re not just buying content from me – you’re paying for a very high-end service – and I deliver. We can also discuss a slight discount for ongoing services or bulk orders.

    It should be said, however, that I don’t generate dozens or hundreds of posts per day – this is not an automated service and I don’t outsource it to somewhere for where people are happy to work for pennies for twelve hours a day – I don’t outsource the posts or management at all, actually.

    This means the blogs aren’t placed overnight and in many cases it takes up to two or even three weeks to get a blog placed on a site where the owner is conscientious of the material he’s accepting, especially in very narrow niches.

    You can learn more about me on my website,www.internetauthor.net, which also has my contact information or simply post/PM through DP.
    internetauthor, Jul 19, 2011 IP