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Tips to the Best International SEO!

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by nikaway, Jul 26, 2019.

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    I have a unique domain for a big purpose international...

    In the same domain, I want create one blog in English and other blog only in Spanish... Both with only 4 articles very fantastic in SEO.

    My goal:

    In the two blog's to be indexed in first page of Google, to attract organic traffic of people who talks English in Blog 1, and people who talks Spanish in Blog 2.

    In main domain, I will add 2 flags to choice the language to enter in Blog...

    My big question is...

    What better domain structure for this purpose of attract organic traffic using SEO?

    A) blog.mydomain.com/en (english)
    B) blog.mydomain.com/es (spanish)

    C) blog-en.mydomain.com/en (english)
    D) blog-es.mydomain.com/es (spanish)

    E) en.mydomain.com/blog
    F) es.mydomain.com/blog

    or other suggestion?
    nikaway, Jul 26, 2019 IP