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Tips and tricks for undeveloped DN Ebay auctions!

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by Camus, Nov 17, 2006.

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    Tips and tricks for undeveloped DN Ebay auctions!

    Hey there,

    I've been doing a little research on how to best use Ebay to auction undeveloped DNs. Here are some of the things I've found that may help you get a nice price for your DN on Ebay:

    1. Be as descriptive as possible with your DN - be sure to include registration date, whether you will push the DN on the same registrar or are able to xfer the DN to a different registrar. (Be aware, most registrars have a 60-day period after you reg the DN where you cannot xfer it to a different registrar - in this case you can only offer a push to a different account on the same registrar.)

    2. Offer ideas to your bidders to see the potential in your DN - especially if the DN is a short pronounceable word not in the dictionary. It is obvious what myspacetips.com would be useful for but what about egoop.com? I've seen some wacky DN-use suggestions on Ebay but this is what you have to do to pique your bidders' imaginations. ;)

    3. If you can, make some sort of image to associate with your domain name. Again, assuming undeveloped DNs here - I've noticed that many sellers will take some sort of cartoon or photo and put the DN on it. At the very least, put your DN in a unique font and make an image of it and use the Ebay Gallery Feature. The point is to help the bidder visualize the potential for the DN. You can use Photoshop, Fireworks, or any image manipulation s/w to "dress-up" your DN.

    4. If you have any sort of traffic to your DN - make this known. I have a few short pronounceable DNs that are not words but somehow get a little traffic. We all know that traffic equals value. Be sure to mention if there is any traffic to your DN.

    5. Park your DN. Many bidders probably put prospective DN in a browser window to see if there is anything up. If you are selling undeveloped DNs, you can put up a page with an image on it or, at the very least, put the DN at a parking service. This helps the bidder "feel" the DN - it is "up there" and tangible to him or her as opposed to a 404 error or an empty directory.

    6. Some people say that it is better to auction off a few DNs at once. The idea was that the bidder would click on “view seller’s other item” and thereby increase exposure for all your DNs on Ebay.

    Some of this info may be redundant or obvious but I hope it may help a few people. If you have any tips feel free to contribute.:D

    One thing that I am undecided about is what is the best day to end an auction. I’ve sold quite a few items on Ebay and, for hard goods, I used to think Sunday evenings were the best. Do you think it is the same for DNs? What day would you recommend ending a DN auction?:confused:
    Camus, Nov 17, 2006 IP
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  2. subseo

    subseo Guest

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    some good ideas, thanks, I will make sure to use them
    particularly thankful for the Sunday evenings info...something I was just looking for
    subseo, Nov 17, 2006 IP
  3. T-Bone

    T-Bone Peon

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    Thanks for that Camus.

    Some useful ideas there, but do you think anything ever sells on ebay for anything more than a few $$ ??

    I've got a couple listed at the moment and looking at what else is on there NOTHING seems to be selling.

    (This is ebay.co.uk - amybe they sell on ebay.com??)

    The only reason I think I stand any chance with one of mine, is it is very industry specific and I've emailed all the movers and shakers in thet industry and told them about the auction. I don't think I'd have had one serious bidder / watcher if I hadn't.

    Have put a more general three letter domain (nce.co.uk) on their as well, but don't epect a single bid judging by what else is getting bids.

    Pitty really, because you'd have thought ebay would be the perfect place to trade DN's

    T-Bone, Nov 20, 2006 IP
  4. seo-mumbai

    seo-mumbai Well-Known Member

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    good tips i think most of them already fallow this tips i see many domains for sale in ebay with all this implemented.
    seo-mumbai, Nov 20, 2006 IP
  5. Camus

    Camus Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for the input guys - honestly, I am not new to ebay but am new to selling domains on ebay. I put up a few last night and will report back how they do.

    T-Bone, I agree with you that for premium domains, ebay may not be the best place to sell. Unfortunately, the small number of domains I have are not necessarily premium but they are unique in the fact that they are short and pronounceable.

    We'll see what happens on ebay. ;)

    Camus, Nov 20, 2006 IP