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Thread Options Is this a new way to make money from OpenSource?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by monim1, Jun 26, 2018.

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    New Open Source Face Detection and Recognition Project on OpenGift.
    Real-time facial recognition system. This project aims to recognize people under live camera surveillance. Thus reducing human work and almost no human interaction is needed to recognize a person.


    OpenGift claims to be a game changer for the software industry. Their platform makes Open Source & Proprietary Software accessible, quicker to develop and potentially cut 50-80% in costs using its revolutionary blockchain and tokenization platform to co-sponsor a project to jointly share the cost of development with others and maintain the best levels of quality control.

    If their claims are true, it truly would be a game changer. They seem to have a strong team and a working beta platform with some very interesting projects.

    They will shortly be offering FREE GIFT tokens worth $1(m) to their community. Join their telegram community https://t.me/opengift
    monim1, Jun 26, 2018 IP