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Thoughts on optimal page structure ???

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by BrentM.Adams36, Jul 16, 2018.

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    OK... here is something I have been tossing around and would like to have your thoughts. It is in regards to page structure and what is best for "crawling" and PR distribution. Im using a CSS-P layout and the <div> order is as follows:

    <div>other misc divs</div>
    You can look at the pages here (in lieu of typing everything out)
    Basically - the main navigation div has absolute links, the content div ends with absolute text links that duplicate the main navigation links. The content text is sprinkled with text links pointing to appropriate sub-pages as applicable.

    What do you think of this order? Will spiders hit the nav and skip the content or at least not get to the end of the content where the text links are? If I were to move the content layer to the top, followed by the nav layer, does that present a problem in that the text links at the end of the content layer are immediately followed by the same links contained within the nav layer?
    BrentM.Adams36, Jul 16, 2018 IP