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Third Party Credit Card Processor

Discussion in 'Payment Processing' started by Thomas Dale, Apr 19, 2018.

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    I'm looking for a third party credit card processor for Debt Solution business. I can produce decent monthly volume with low chargeback ratio, for more details please contact me on following details.

    Thomas Dale, Apr 19, 2018 IP
  2. bettertulip1972

    bettertulip1972 Member

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    i cant find your name on skype, not sure why.
    bettertulip1972, Apr 21, 2018 IP
  3. marget

    marget Peon

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    @Thomas Dale Hello, are you looking for credit card processor for Debt Solution business?
    We Activate your Merchant Account in just 15 minutes
    You will receive your payments via email within 5 minutes.
    You get paid 100% of the amount billed.
    Pay Online Option Online Available
    P2P Payment Solution-

    Boarding our platform will require a five-minute application and we generally can have your operators set up with a virtual POS terminal to conduct transactions within one day. Transactions are settled, and electronic check sent to you within five minutes. We off a one-time boarding fee of $49.99 and a monthly Gateway access fee of 19.00, plus a transaction fee, based on your industry, generally between 4.95 – 8 percent Skype : Paycron Email Id: support@paycron.com
    marget, May 15, 2018 at 11:44 PM IP
  4. highriskprocessing

    highriskprocessing Member

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    Your business model "Debt Solutions" is considered a Excluded Business Type by Visa/MasterCard.

    We do have a solution the - Genie Gateway. (USA Customers)

    Check 22 & a Prepaid Gift Card
    Simple Online Signup - See Link Below.
    Account Fully Activated within 1 Business Day.
    $49.95 Activation Fee
    24.95 Per month thereafter for your own web portal with Back Office Accounting.
    10% Discount Rate
    $1.50 Transaction Fee
    No Reserves
    No Holdbacks

    Check 22 your paid within 5 minutes - Check via Email
    Prepaid Gift Card - (Electronic Cash Transfer) payment within seconds.
    No Charge-Backs
    Unlimited Processing

    Contact us for complete details
    Email -
    Last edited: May 17, 2018 at 6:01 AM
    highriskprocessing, May 17, 2018 at 5:30 AM IP