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Thinking Like an Algorithim

Discussion in 'Link Development' started by Werby1, Jul 17, 2018.

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    To understand an algorithm you must think like one and whenever possible look like one.

    Take a minute to understand the process of trying to crawl around 1 billion web pages an hour or trying to cover around 2+ billion web sites. How can a crawler check these backlinks and rate each website accordingly.

    As an engineer with over 20+ years experience in networking architecture I can share it is done through the use of timing. To use timing correctly patterns are measured because they are very easily found with algorithms. If we look at the term 1mbps we can safely assume that they are not counting every bit. Timing measures large and small patterns of hundreds and thousands of either 1's while ignoring 0's. Instead of counting each bit the algorithm times the pattern of 1's and the numbers become manageable. (to an algorithm)

    What does this have to do with backlinks?

    You are penalized for patterns because they are very easily found when dealing with large numbers like 2+ billion websites. The presence of pattern like multiple reciprocal links (no matter how deep) will poison the value. A crawl leaves your site through backlinks and should not find it's way back to you.

    This type of procedure is easily done in networking when determining static route selections to avoid loops. (loops are patterns)

    If you are starting out with a new website avoid patterns and any form of reciprocal linking or sites selling backlinks. A backlink should be like an anonymous person saying something nice about you when you are not around.

    It is not impossible to create a backlink strategy, but the old ways do not work. This is only a small look into a modern and different way of approaching backlinking and SEO.
    Werby1, Jul 17, 2018 IP
  2. Felicity Adams

    Felicity Adams Greenhorn

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    Anchor texts diversity is also a good point to stand out on backlinks and backlink stragety, not only diversify the types of links, but also the anchor text.
    Felicity Adams, Jul 19, 2018 IP
  3. Werby1

    Werby1 Peon

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    Agree 100%.

    An article I am currently writing goes into detail about the importance of relevance and diversity building an online reputation. I explained where a natural backlink is more than someone saying something nice about you. It is someone giving someone else your business card and referring them to you. It would be odd if in the middle of the conversation about something completely irrelevant to your website that you stop and give someone a card and say check the website out. It is also odd if someone gave you a reference every time based on the same word being said in a conversation.

    Backlinks using the same words as anchor texts creates a specific pattern and you should be avoiding patterns at all costs.

    The interesting part of the study on anchor text is the only way I have found an algorithm can match specific words (anchor text) is for them not to match exactly. If a natural backlink is random than the odds that someone is linking your exact keyword back to you would be pretty high. If this is done quite a few times you would be looking at something that would be considered impossible by nature and therefore manipulated.

    Thank you for sharing your comment.

    "Despite all of our technological advances, content creation still requires time, inspiration, and a certain amount of sweat. There aren't any shortcuts. You can't write an algorithm for it. You can't predict it. You can't code it."
    Shawn Amos
    Werby1, Jul 19, 2018 IP