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Things to think about when starting a forum...

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by BitzDefender, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Starting a forum can be relatively easy. Buying hosting, a domain, and installing forum software is easy. But actually making the forum something to be proud of. That is the hard part...and there is a lot of factors that go into making a forum that. The most important one is being prepared, ask yourself questions and answer them. Write them down and make sure you know what you're doing. Some questions can be:

    Do you have an idea for a domain, for forum software, what will your forum offer to people, why should people visit, will it need a CMS, will it be just a forum, will it need a portal, do I know anyone at the moment who is interested in being a member, do I know anyone who can help me out, do I know places to advertise, what is my budget, will I use a free or custom theme, what plugins will I need, what can make the site unique?

    Ask as many questions as you can. You also need an incentive to join. You'll always get people who sign-up because they like discussing, but they are the minority. You need something that the competition doesn't have and is specific to your niche.

    Just think big, don't sell yourself short. "I"ll never beat the forum on page 1 of Google, what is the point?" All that tells you is people are interested in your niche. So make your forum and do something unique. People will join. Just let the world know your website exists and if you genuinely want the forum to succeed, it will over time with hard work.
    BitzDefender, Mar 9, 2013 IP
  2. Barry67

    Barry67 Active Member

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    Great article, I'd like to add that you need to make conversation right from the very beginning as well. I've seen far too many forums with just 1 post in each board or forums with 20+ boards. It makes your forum look deserted.
    Barry67, Mar 11, 2013 IP