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These Marketing tips will increase your traffic

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by masterofdomains106@gmail., Apr 21, 2008.

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    Ok, so you are in a slump trying to figure how to get traffic to your site and how to get interested people involved...
    It requires a bit of work but thats with anything and everything. You may know some of these ideas and some might be new.

    I have also included some resources that I use.

    My first tip is to step away from the computer and get out there. How, you are asking..

    Here is a cool tip, go to a website that sells pens for dirt cheap, make sure this pen isnt a run of the mill type pen but something nice that people look to keep ahold of. When they hold on to it and let people borrow it, it will show the website and people will think you are super important.

    You can get these super cheap and sometimes with a 30 day trial and error period. Buy now, pay later type deal.

    Make some signs, get creative. build anticipation. Make it look like you are the best kept secret around.

    I'll be back with another tip later
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  2. Perry Rose

    Perry Rose Peon

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    I'm sorry, but...what???
    Perry Rose, Apr 21, 2008 IP
  3. scubita

    scubita Peon

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    Rep added. I like very much underground marketing and i see that these days it works very well. Everybody is just full of tv ads, newspaper ads etc and those litle revolucionary marketing ideas can perform pretty well.

    Bring them on.


    here's another one:

    Buy a digital camera, maybe $50 top, and promote a campaign at your site for new costumers/newsletter sign ups, etc.

    Do it for 3 months along with some flyers on the street, black & white papers, raw ones, spread them outside schools, shoppings, etc

    You will see your costumer database goes from 500 to 3.000 in no time.

    I did.
    scubita, Apr 21, 2008 IP
  4. masterofdomains106@gmail.

    masterofdomains106@gmail. Peon

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    Glad that you see the value in this. I like that thought process, I recently started posting advertisement for people looking to have flyers posted around town, etc and I charge 50.00 to start up per 2500 flyers and then anything additional, it's .10 additional. Very cheap yet viral for businesses looking to get exposure. Yet a great way for someone who's looking for a money making idea.

    To Perry Rose, what's the number one thing that people need to have in any enviroment? A pen. If it's a nice one, people hate losing them, right?

    Pens are very viral and useful...

    Good luck!