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The story of Cat Stevens' conversion to Islam

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by knightkrm, Sep 28, 2007.

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    He marked the seventies with his unforgettable melodies and topped the charts for more than a decade, Cat Stevens stopped abruptly an exceptional musical career to the deep regret of millions of fans worldwide.

    Cat Stevens who changed his name to Youssef Islam didn’t stop singing out of lack of inspiration but rather due to the fact that, he at last, found his own path by converting to Islam. This is the story with his new faith.

    He says” I was born to a Christian family which revered money and did the same, I felt in admiration for singers to the extent that I made of them my supreme god , then decided to become one of them. I ended up by becoming one of the biggest Pop stars, and media made of me an icon, bigger than life itself and will live forever.”

    Stevens further added” When day I felt sick and was admitted to hospital, there I had enough time to contemplate and think about things. My conclusion was that we are only a body, and all and all I was only working to satisfy my biological needs. The illness was a god send I opened up my eyes. Once I left the hospital I made inquiries through readings and concluded that Man was a combination of a body and soul.”

    “My quest for truth continued in parallel with my artistic career , till the day when a friend of mine who came back from a trip in the East and told that he found serenity inside a mosque which he didn’t in a church, which led me to shift my interest to that religion and bought a translated Koran. At last I found answers to my questions: Who I am?, where I come from ? and what is my goal in Life?. Through my several readings of this holy book, I concluded that there is only one god with whom we can communicate directly without any interference.”

    This how Cat Stevens converted to Islam .
    from echoroukonline
    knightkrm, Sep 28, 2007 IP