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"The Opportunity Seeker v The Business Owner. Who Wins?"

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Fabian.JH, May 27, 2007.

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    I was reading my local paper today, as usual anything mentioned about online money making are scams, hacking etc. Not that I'm too surprised, and I don't mind the extra education as well.

    What I'm surprised is about that a handful of people literally gave money (Over $600,000) to 'Nigerian 419' scammers. Obviously this people bought into an opportunity. And it was a fraudulent one at that. You'd think people with that much money would be smarter than that, but that's a story for another day. ;)

    Too many people buy into opportunities, rather than building businesses. Opportunities (legitimate ones) can provide a decent cash boost once in a while, but they are fleeting. It's 'pocket your cash' (if any) and then you're done. You'll have to look out for the next opportunity.

    Yet people like the idea of opportunities. Because they promise quick rewards with little effort.

    That's why you'll find many people buying the lottery. That's why the bookmakers are rich. Even I am guilty of a little bet here and there.

    Unfortunately taking the same mindset online doesn't guarantee any long-term results.

    Here's the secret: you have to spend time and effort building a business, rather than chasing a money-making opportunity. A business may make less money at first, but eventually you'll have something you can make money from. That's when quick rewards do come with little effort, because the foundation is strong.

    Airplanes have been brought down by details as small as 1mm metal chips. If your whole foundation is shaky, the airplane would not even fly...

    Fabian.JH, May 27, 2007 IP
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  2. 010081

    010081 Banned

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    nice article.
    yup you are right...,i also in support with building your own business rather than go for many money making opportunities.you'll never know when your ass get kicked.
    building your own business may give you less results and take you more time for the first few months,but later will give you good results.
    010081, May 27, 2007 IP
  3. joshuawest

    joshuawest Active Member

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    Very good advice. I'm always preaching that good business is in longer-term thinking.

    As well, I find that many people attracted to web sites or 'internet business' are seeking out that 'opportunity'. Look at how many 'make money online' blogs there are started everyday. They are all the same, copying other blogs that made a few bucks, imitating the supposed 'path' to great internet fortunes.

    Some figure it out and offer a unique angle on the whole process, but only very few.

    Thanks for your contribution! Goodnight!
    joshuawest, May 28, 2007 IP
  4. newrhodes

    newrhodes Active Member

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    That's a great post, adding green...
    newrhodes, May 28, 2007 IP
  5. choward93

    choward93 Active Member

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    This is so true. If you look at the business world, the only people at the top are the innovators. I rarely see a website that copied someone else come even close to the success of the original. But this really points out why so many people are not any richer.
    choward93, May 30, 2007 IP