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The Future Of Search: Finding Your Place In The Hive

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by pcdoc, Jul 22, 2005.

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    Be sure to click the article's text links, interesting info there too.

    The Internet is changing. In the near future, the "web" concept may prove too primitive to properly describe the evolutionary nature of the beast. Something more abstract perhaps, like Jung's collective unconscious model-a digital beehive of collective information, honeycombs stacked high and deep with information. And so, searching the nectars of the hive should also change as spiders evolve into honeybees.

    pcdoc, Jul 22, 2005 IP
  2. Pen Tongue

    Pen Tongue Grunt

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    local rank; quality targeted links. AKA Hives and Honeycombs.
    Pen Tongue, Jul 22, 2005 IP
  3. AVC

    AVC Peon

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    The internet will be controlled by 2 things - what works and what is wanted by the big players. Call it a hive or what ever. It will make no difference to the way it works and evolves. It is being driven now more and more by money instead of wow look I can find this or that info. No one is going to do anything big online via local rank.

    Why? Simple. Not enough market force to drive the heard of dollars this way or that. Local equals small market. Local stuff works only if you are like a local radio station and you can Spam the air waves with log on here and get one free or that kind of thing.

    Radio stations are already starting to get this and take over the local internet markets in their towns. Unless google buys a boatload of local radio stations or news papers and takes this over no one is going to be influenced enough in local markets via google etc to make it pay for them. The internet means marketing things to millions not thousands or hundreds. It wont pay and they will drop out of it. It is a loosing battle. Ask bill gates. He started some kind of local thing - don't remember the name right now and if flopped hard and was swept away. Why? As I said market to millions it is cost effective and big profits can be had. Spend the same energy marketing to thousands and its a black hole.

    I run two online business directories. One has 17k pages and is a nation wide directory for a certain industry. Google has dropped me from their listings since I compete with google local but the directory is still going strong and growing for now.

    Part two. I have a local directory that covers 32 cities with 25k pages in the state I live. It has flopped and is crashing as it is just too expensive to market it effectively to this limited area. Search engine traffic alone is not keeping it going at all. Unless I buy or merge with a few local radio stations and push it that way it will just die off. The local radio stations have all taken a look at it and ran as they see it as far too dominating of the local market online to have anything to do with. another words if they don't own it they are not going to partner with it and make it stronger because they see the possibility of what it could do and the power it could wield if they did.

    Sure if I want to pay out the you know what to push it on local radio/TV/Newspapers it would go but if it has to be driven this way it can't make money. I already tried. Floppo like a fish flopping in the bottom of a boat. Its pathetic because as you look down at him you think to yourself. Go ahead and flop around fish, your screwed and will be fried tonight and there is not a damn thing you can do but flop around some more in vain. I keep the website and directory online because people do use it but not even close to enough. Just like the fish. It is fried, It's just a matter of time. So much for the local hive.

    That is ok my other businesses are doing just fine and the local directory can slowly die off. All this is just my 2c but I am betting that google does not do any better at local stuff then Microsoft did. They may keep at it but unless they get into local yellow pages publishing or radio and news paper type stuff the web is not going to control local marketing.

    Try a google search for the corner hardware store and then pick up your copy of the yellow pages and see what works better. Google will keep at it on a low level only because all their other stuff will subsidize it. Calling it some kind of hive is not going to matter at all. Local = small market = little profit.

    Local rank is exactly the same. What has it to do with the entire web and who logs in to my websites world wide? Nothing at all that's what. Thus it wields no power at all and is a joke, or just a passing fad.

    Local sounds good to people as a buzz word. The [internet] marketers are trying to figure out how to capitalize on this. In the end it is just fluff and means absolutely nothing to the real ranking of anything online.

    Any search engine that ever starts ranking the web or web sites by anything "local" has gone insane and is doomed.

    AVC, Jul 23, 2005 IP