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Bug The domain, does not appear to be a valid domain error?

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by yiberkit, Nov 17, 2015.

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    The domain,www.mysite.com does not appear to be a valid domain (make sure it's just the domain, not a URL or website address).

    I tried to sell the above domain but it gives an error like that. Why?
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    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 28, 2015
    yiberkit, Nov 17, 2015 IP
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    I would try to explain how the system works (based on my experience):
    The error you were experiencing is common issue due to the user writing wrong domain name. Each member should not write subdomain while they were asked to enter the domain name. At this case, www = subdomain and not the domain.
    How to solve this:
    Just try again. At this time, remove the 'www.' and just write the domain as is. WWW.MyDomain.com is subdomain and not the domain itself while MyDomain.com is actually a domain.

    Few facts which may important to everyone:
    1. Subdomain is not domain.
    2. For 'adult domain names' don't list it under Domain in Marketplace. Any Domain/Website/Services related with adult has special category in Adult SubForum. Don't list it in the wrong place.
    3. Adult Category is available for Premium Member.
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    Arick unirow, Nov 17, 2015 IP
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  3. yiberkit

    yiberkit Active Member

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    I understand. Why adult sites needs premium member?
    yiberkit, Nov 18, 2015 IP
  4. Arick unirow

    Arick unirow Acclaimed Member

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    From my point of view, Adult is somewhat sensitive category which require special privilege.
    Adult subforum is different than others. Here are the differences:
    1. Adult SubForum in not being indexed in Search Engine
      Any listing in Adult will not show up in Search Engine. It is considered to be Stealth Category.
    2. Post, Thread and user whom created it will not visible in Search Engine.
    Actually there are few more advantages but I believe you would be able to find it out once you become premium member. Based on the advantages above, I think it is worth it to get premium member. Plus, it is nice to have Gold Banner in user profile. :)
    Arick unirow, Nov 18, 2015 IP