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The Brief Introduction to the CBI Internet Video Program

Discussion in 'General Business' started by cbilauren, Aug 5, 2009.

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    The Confucius Business Institute (CBI) is an international business school featuring its online teaching. Registered in Hong Kong, and funded by China Qiuyang Translation Group (QTG) and China International Business Club for Confucian Businessmen (CRS), CBI has long been engaged in both global education of traditional Chinese culture and professional chain training in international business. By far, it has become an ideal base for Chinese learning, offering Chinese Culture (CNC), Chinese Business (CNB), Business Chinese (SHK) and other classes. Based on their standard and efficient teaching quality and rich experience in foreign Chinese teaching, CBI teachers have cultivated a great many students of Chinese from all over the world.
    One-to-one online teaching is a major teaching method and a highlight of the CBI. By using modern network techniques, one Chinese teacher can give one student distance lessons without any regional restrictions.
    The details are as follows.
    The CBI recruits experts in foreign Chinese teaching and research from colleges and universities in. China, who, together with a great number of translators and interpreters from Qiuyang Translation College as well as a group of professional elites engaged in business, form a powerful Chinese teacher team. They can ensure first-class teaching quality and leading Chinese level relying on their rich experience and high sense of responsibility. You may learn real Chinese Mandarin and Chinese culture from them. We will choose an ideal teacher to help you learn Chinese according to your personal characteristics.

    The CBI has prepared a series of electronic text books including SHK Business Chinese, CNC Chinese Culture, CNB Chinese Business and their supplementary books. You may consolidate what you have learned, widen your view, and have more knowledge of Chinese culture by reading some additional interesting books we provide for you.

    You may take your lesson at any time convenient to you. At the appointed time, your teacher will teach you Chinese by Internet video, Internet audio, telephone (SMS) or e-mail.

    You may complete your enrollment procedures in a few seconds by signing up and paying your tuition fee on the website of the CBI.
    Finally, we wish you a big success in your Chinese learning, and we hope you will become a real Chinese expert in no time.

    For more information, please contact us in the following ways:
    Head Office of Confucius Business School
    6th Floor, Energy Bld 122# Qingnian Street, Shenhe District Shenyang, Liaoning, China
    Fax: 0086-24-22705544
    Post code: 110014
    Website: www.chinatours15.com
    QQ: CBI_LAUREN 176852924
    ICQ: CBI_LAUREN 467631351
    MSN: cbi_lauren@hotmail.com

    The terms of payment for Business Chinese students
    The terms of payment:
    1. Remittance
    Account Holder: Liaoning Qiuyang International Talent Exchange Co., Ltd
    Account Bank: China construction Bank Liaoning Branch
    A/C No.:5300082215011211
    P.S.: China construction Bank Liaoning Branch Tonghui Subbranch
    Please indicate the amount of money
    2. Payment online
    First, payer needs to register an account. Website: www.paypal.com
    Secondly, payer needs to make the payments. The account online: glying50@sina.com
    Account Holder: Liaoning Qiuyang International Talent Exchange Co., Ltd
    cbilauren, Aug 5, 2009 IP
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    Here is a easy way to find swift/BIC codes and ifsc codes, put it in google Bankswiftifsccode add .com at the end
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