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The Best E-Commerce Shipping Platform (Cheapest + Custom Labels)

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Shippingguru717, Jan 25, 2021.

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    Hey guys, I am new to this forum and started reading a lot of different sections and wanted to tell you guys about a new shipping platform that I have been using for my eBay, Etsy & Shopify stores.Its called Ladels.com , #1 reason I switched to them is because I noticed that they give free memberships and free Pitney Bowes accounts to all of their users. I am on the free plan since I ship under 5,000 orders per month, which is incredible because I haven't seen any shipping platform give away 5000 orders under their FREE subscription. I was paying $19.99 for my USPS account so now through them I have a free USPS account via Pitney Bowes and the pricing is UNREAL. They offer USPS cubic pricing which seems to be the best option for me shipping items around 1-5 lbs anywhere in the United States. I am saving around 30-40% compared to store rates on average and the highest savings was on a package I sent to Hawaii. I saved around 58% compared to the store rate when I checked to compare. #2 reason is their custom shipping label!! I have not seen anything like what their custom shipping label does and looks like. I have gotten so many compliments, including compliments from the people working at USPS and the USPS mail man. These labels really really stand out. I started using them on my eBay orders and I started adding coupons, and thank you text with my QR codes on the shipping labels. I started driving a ton of traffic from my eBay sales to my website where I never got orders before. I had a lot of trouble getting users to visit my website because it is brand new and I didn't really have any credibility except for my eBay account and my good reviews. I started using eBay and Etsy as a source of marketing where people would buy from my eBay or Etsy store and then I would put my website link on my shipping label, my logo, a qr code that would redirect to my website and i would add a coupon to my shipping label that was unique to that order to see how many people would actually use them. I have seen such great results because I can change the things that I put on the label within a few seconds instead of having to purchase custom shipping boxes that are only worthwhile if you buy a ton vs I can adjust my custom shipping labels in seconds without having to worry about anything. They don't charge you to change ur labels or how they look, everything can be done from any computer and the labels can be printed from ANY PRINTER ANYWHERE. I literally print my labels onto regular paper and then just use clear tape to tape them down. I am getting so many compliments, I'm saving money and my packages look completely unique without having to invest money into those stupid poly mailers that everyone and their mom has and on top of that i can customize everything to MY STORE! I hope they get some sort of rewards program because i would be their number one fan. Check out the site at ladels.com! If anyone has used it, please let me know what has been working for you?
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2021
    Shippingguru717, Jan 25, 2021 IP