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The Best Adult affiliate! (PPS adult dating affiliate)

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Kinkyjoe, Jan 1, 2009.

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    I have finally found the best adult affiliate out there. I've been searching forever for a program that converts at a good rate and offers a good payout.

    The program offers free sign ups, people will sign up for free and then they will change to paid members - you will earn $35-$55 for that.

    The conversion rate for people to sign up for free is about 1:10.
    The conversion rate for people to change from free members to paid members is about 1 of 10 free sign ups
    Payment is processed twice a month.

    The program is in my SIGNATURE. So if you have an adult website make sure you use this program. Speaking from my experience it is much better than aff and any other program. ;)
    Kinkyjoe, Jan 1, 2009 IP
  2. Pva-viceoffers.com

    Pva-viceoffers.com Greenhorn

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    I am fully impressed so i want to say that in every field of affiliate marketing Viceoffers is great.

    You can see examples like-
    1)Support- Support is awesome
    2)Payment- No payments issues from their side, you will get paid always on time.
    3)Offers- Offers are very solid and unique with great payout and EPC.
    4)Viceoffers also providing other methods to earn money like referral earnings and rewards too.
    No other networks can provide facilities and convenience like Viceoffers.
    I’ll recommend to join Viceoffers network always.
    thanks a lot….!!!

    Anyone can join it through my referral link.If your website and promotional methods will be deserve good quality, then Viceoffers will approve you and i’ll help you out.

    Exclusive Affiliate Network with Big Payouts

    CamSiteOnline - Chat Traffic 30$
    Cam iFrame - Custom | Highest Converter! 30$
    Dating iFrame Orange - $0 Trial (DB2) 30$
    Dating iFrame Red - $0 Trial (DB4) 30$
    Dating iFrame Green - $0 Trial (DB4) 30$
    Dating iFrame Purple - $0 Trial (DB6) 30$
    FreeHookUps PPS 110$
    HookUpCloud PPS 110$
    Total Email Auto Responder (TEAR) 45$
    $$$ B&W | Dating iFrame 30$

    viceoffers affiliate manager skype id : wmleads
    Pva-viceoffers.com, Aug 5, 2015 IP
  3. JustCash

    JustCash Greenhorn

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    Hi All,

    If you're looking for some very high-converting adult dating PPS offers you should check out https://justcash.com which specializes exclusively in adult dating.
    JustCash, Jun 26, 2017 IP
  4. n3o

    n3o Well-Known Member

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    never heard of it before ...
    n3o, Aug 1, 2017 IP
  5. Profit Donkey

    Profit Donkey Member Affiliate Manager

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    This is great, however, if you are looking into this as a long-term thing, revenue shared method can be even more profitable. Now you get paid only once if someone becomes a paid member. With revenue shared you would get revenue from whatever is spent on the site for as long as client stays there. Being paid only once you can miss out a lot.
    Profit Donkey, Aug 30, 2017 IP