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That one thing to make your forum work...

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by janneke, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Manyy people here own their own forum. Now I am wondering what the top 10 is on what makes YOUR forum work. 10 Starting tips for newbies on how to make their forum as big and active as yours. And yes, I am a forum owner to in need of advice. ;)
    BTW welcome back dp, been more than a year I think since I came here.
    janneke, Apr 16, 2012 IP
  2. cPAce

    cPAce Peon

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    Tip of advice that you can never go wrong with - Users will always enjoy a great discussion. If you get a great group of founding members to bring in new users and start actual well thought discussions, you will be set.
    cPAce, Apr 16, 2012 IP
  3. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    It will be harder to grow a forum if your focus is on it *being* a forum. People don't really *need* a place to talk to each other... there are literally millions of places to do that on the Internet these days... so if you are focused on that, you have millions of competitors (including Facebook).

    Now let's take your Final Fantasy forum as an example... If you focus on building your site (that just happens to also have a forum), it will be easier to draw in and retain users. Like if you built tools or other FF related content that people want, they will be drawn into the forum. People rarely find a forum and get drawn into other areas of the site... But they DO find other parts of your site and get drawn into the forum.

    Just ask yourself what kind of things you would find useful as a FF player (I've never played before, so I can't really give advice on what those things might be). Maps, cheat codes, lore, model editing, etc. are all some ideas (again, I've never played, so some of that might be irrelevant).

    Let your forum revolve around your site and don't revolve your site around your forum.
    digitalpoint, Apr 16, 2012 IP
  4. MrSS

    MrSS Peon

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    This may not reach 10, I'm just typing anything comes in my mind ...
    1. Content, quality content. Of course the main reason why people register is because they find your forum as good reference and learning ground in searching something. Some used to be one stop forum, where in anything you wanna discussed has a section about it. But there's a downfall in having this, save this part will discuss it later. ;)
    2. Friendly members. Anybody would wanna be in a friendly place, so as in the internet, joining forum. Having friendly member, both regular, elite and moderators must be friendly to all and gives a positive impression to the forum.
    3. Features they are looking for. This might be secondary but I rather put on the list. Some members usually been to other forum and they can say if the forum has advance or basic features. However, the point is the complete guidance on how to use which are available in your forum. I see some forums having advance and very futuristic, chic interface. That also attracts members.
    4. Well moderated. A forum that is well moderated and spam free is a healthy forum. Less spams or the spammers are not trying to get it because they know they are wasting their time.
    5. Good implementation of rules and enforcing it. This one is a must I can say. The life of the forum largely depends on it's rule and how it's being implemented. With good rules and strict enforcing of it make the forum cleaner and organize, so as the members.
    6. Good Moderators. All forums have moderators, not all of 'em are doing over moderating and sometimes like a bot. Sometimes they were disillusion because of their authority.

    That's my input.

    * Welcome back to me. I almost forgot I have DP account. LOL
    MrSS, Apr 17, 2012 IP
  5. codebreaker

    codebreaker Well-Known Member

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    I totally agree with Shawn... Build some custom tools ( or get someone to build them ) that will differentiate your site/forum from the others.
    That's the best way to promote your site...
    codebreaker, Apr 17, 2012 IP