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.thaccess Frustration

Discussion in 'Apache' started by T0PS3O, Dec 15, 2004.

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    Probably a quick one but bugging me for half an hour now...

    Copied a script to a different domain. All working fine apart from the 301 redirect as set in the htaccess file. It's supposed to redirect the folder to a sepcific php file within that folder instead of to index.php which doesn't exist.

    Works fine on the old script but now the new copied script (identical) keeps reading the old htaccess file so it 301s the new-script folder root to the old-script php file. Filezilla sometimes does and sometimes doesn't show my .htaccess files. Uploading an empty htaccess.txt file, then renaming it to .htaccess doesn't work either. Uploading a correct .htaccess file doesn't work either.

    Lost now so here I am...

    Any clues on how to delete hidden htaccess files, or to force an overwrite?

    Never Mind! I'm An Idiot! Solved it :eek: Where's the delete button?
    T0PS3O, Dec 15, 2004 IP