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Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend; Powerful Marketing Strategy!

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Jujupanama, Dec 9, 2017.

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    Let's say you have a Product that doesn't seem to sell well, A brand that nobody Seems to be aware of, or a Small Business that is tragically falling down the Graph or has not even started climbing the same Graph..

    YOU FEEL INVISIBLE among the highly Competitive Market!!!!!

    You try blogging about your business..but you have zero Traffic to your Blog
    You Post on Social Media Groups but no one ever Cares about What you have to offer
    You Email a list of individuals but almost nobody ever bothers to open and read them
    You try placing adverts on Forums and Discussion Boards your Post is Removed Or Even Worse; You get Banned!

    Sounds Familiar[​IMG]
    Well Many blogs will tell you the importance of Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn,YouTube e.t.c to your small business but they will never Explain to you how you can Easily turn the hundreds of million users on this sites to Prospects then Eventually Clients or Rather Viral Followers because it's not an EASY JOB !!!!

    But a Little Bit Of Investment Can really Surprise You in a Very Short Period Of Time only if you LOWER YOUR PRIDE and IGNORANCE . A Few Years ago i StumbledUpon an online Company that I hardly Trusted, Since the Online World is Full of To Good to Be True Offers.. I couldn't faintly fall for the Sweet looking Deal right in front of my eyes. So I thoroughly browsed through the Pages and still couldn't get Convinced.about it. thus i decided to just Tell a Friend to Tell A friend and get a review of this Company..What i didn't know is that after a while.. Word Spread so Fast that The Company got a social reach of 10 million+ members on their network each of them still Telling-A-Friend to Tell-A-Friend.

    ..What I call today a WORTHY INVESTMENT A shortcut To success!!!!!.

    P.M For Instructions on Where and How To Begin
    Jujupanama, Dec 9, 2017 IP
  2. mark1901

    mark1901 Peon

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    yes,its a old but very effective way to promote business and soon my word of mouth,you can be very known
    mark1901, Dec 12, 2017 IP
  3. Milliardo

    Milliardo Active Member

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    One of the best ways actually is to simply tell people. Or have your friends talk about it. It doesn't cost much, and then there's always the familiarity factor along with it.
    Milliardo, Dec 13, 2017 IP
  4. dimitarang

    dimitarang Active Member

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    Yeah mouth to mouth is one of the best ways of advertising
    dimitarang, Dec 13, 2017 IP
  5. JoeSpirit

    JoeSpirit Active Member

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    Word of mouth is certainly a highly successful form of advertising - often more powerful than paid ads although much slower.

    The way you word your post tells me that either people were not interested in the product (and if that's the case I don't believe any kind of advertising will cure it) or the company didn't perform market research to find the targeted audience that was interested (which seems to be the case since word of mouth apparently did find that audience).

    Seems to me that educated market research would've gotten them there faster.
    JoeSpirit, Dec 13, 2017 IP