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Technique to get highly paid ads from google - ppc

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by saimabatool, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Technique to get highly paid ads from google - ppc:
    Technique is that combine adsense with commision junction or Linkshare ads on same page. And your CJ OR linkshare ads should be above google adsense ads. But this can still be optimized in various different ways. One could be; forexample; Don't rely on just one static product from CJ or linkshare always appear on your page. Rather you should get links for 30 to 40 products and rotate them randomly.

    I summarize points here:
    1) Signup for commission junction OR link share along with adsense.
    2) Take 30 to 40 ads from CJ or linkshare and rotate them randomly on each visit.
    3) Place CJ or Linkshare ads before adsense

    I have practically implemented it on my couple of facebook application:

    You can refresh page two or three time and will see that affiliate ads rotate on each page refresh. Implement this technique and test it for couple of days. Please let me know with your results and opinions. I hope this will help in your future adsense monetization.. Further i would like to know any other techniques from you as well.
    saimabatool, Jan 13, 2013 IP