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Selling Technical content - WordPress, SEO, web development and more

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by DuneDreamer, Mar 8, 2019.



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    Are you looking to boost traffic to your website and increase its reputation in Google?

    I’ve been helping many people on DP achieve that during the last ten years. I mainly write on subjects such as WordPress, SEO, web development, programming, web design, Windows tutorials and on other technical and non-technical topics, and I also do rewrites.

    I accept payments via PayPal and my rates are as follows:
    Article Writing - USD 0.015 per word
    Rewriting - USD 0.010 per word

    Do not use the Buy Now button in this thread! If you have questions or wish to make an order, please, contact me in a private message.
    Thank you for stopping by my offer, and have a wonderful day…
    DuneDreamer, Mar 8, 2019 IP
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    I will vouch for this member @DuneDreamer. His English is not only impeccable but is free from grammatical or punctuation errors. Also his personality/attitude would make him excellent/easy to work with.
    Spoiltdiva, Mar 8, 2019 IP
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