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Targeting Markets w/ Broadband Users: Does HTML File size still matter?

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by gemini181, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Targeting Markets w/ Broadband Users: Does .html File size still really matter?

    Please note, before giving advice: 'Big HTML file size' won't (shouldn't) crash servers & lose shared hosting accounts like many PHP programs do. ;)

    1. Large to even 'MASSIVE' transfer costs are really cheap these days, with most good hosts.
    2. A complex PHP program is much more likely to 'crash a shared sever' than a large HTML file with High-res graphics & plenty of other 'simple code'.
    3. Some of my sites will be designed almost exclusively for broadband users.

    On web pages just like described above "Does HTML File size still matter?"
    • The page will load plenty fast enough (for broadband users)
    • The server won't crash (pretty unlikely)
    • I'll get to actually use some of the massive bandwidth (transfer) which modern hosts offer.

    Honestly, am I missing something, or are large .html file size & 'beautiful creative graphics' (with quality content too) a perfectly good plan for the broadband market.

    Please, verify my main points are correct :), or advise what I'm not seeing here :eek:
    Thank you
    gemini181, Mar 23, 2007 IP
  2. Corwin

    Corwin Well-Known Member

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    You're damn right it still matters.

    1. According to a Consumer Reports survey taken last year, One out of every Five users on the internet use dialup.
    2. Some small companies have 15+ users sharing one broadband connection.

    Example: I did consulting for a technology company in England, they has 20 employees sharing one cable modem connection.

    Example: As of two years ago, some branches of Siemens in Germany had 100+ employees all using one T1 connection.

    It's easy for those of us that are "technologically spoiled" to assume that everyone has as fast a connection as we do. But it's bad to assume that everyone thinks the same way that we do.

    Google targets slow connection users. Yahoo has abandoned them (obviously). Which is more popular???
    Corwin, Mar 23, 2007 IP
    gemini181 likes this.
  3. gemini181

    gemini181 Well-Known Member

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    This is a really good point I didn't think of, thanks :)

    I'm still going to offer many 'enhanced' options for broadband users.
    Your good advice helps.
    gemini181, Mar 23, 2007 IP
  4. Ozz

    Ozz Peon

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    It matters and it will always matters... even with fast connections the load time of the important elements should be the first thing to display.

    Most people do not wait more than 4 seconds after leaving the page (in most cases, forever)... even with broadband this happens.

    Avoid fancy things that people will just say "wow" once and then never recall.
    Ozz, Mar 23, 2007 IP