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SwagBucks Epic Fail

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Pudge1, Oct 13, 2009.

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    Yes SwagBucks in honor of receiving 100,000 fans on FaceBook before last Monday (as promised) is giving away "tons" of SwagCodes... well not exactly, let's look further.

    As originally promised they would have given them away last Monday (which for some people was a school/work day so it was originally not really a good idea. But it was Columbus Day which some people, including me, had off).

    Then hmmmm... what a surprise absolutely no SwagCodes. Well now they are promising to give them away the following Tuesday (which is today). Now everyone who is on (excluding their 80% jobless population) is at school or work. Which means they missed almost all the SwagCodes, great job guys.

    If you thought you would have the chance to grab at least some SwagCodes since they are giving away "tons" unfortunately you thought wrong. When I arrived home from school at 3:00PM CST I found that 3 out of the FOUR SwagCodes they were giving away were expired, and of course, they were the ones worth more than one. So I am left with one dinky SwagBuckCode.
    Great job guys all us Swaggernauts can clearly see the amount of planning and time spent into these kind of projects and how much you really do care about us as members.... NOT.
    Pudge1, Oct 13, 2009 IP
  2. Jerlene.net

    Jerlene.net Prominent Member

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    I saw all the announcements on Facebook on how they had technical problems and what not, so the codes were given out late.

    I just hate how all of their codes expire so damn quickly.

    If people can't use them more than once then what is the problem in letting the code go for at least 24 hours so everyone can try and catch them?
    Jerlene.net, Oct 14, 2009 IP