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Suggester - Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by dadaas, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Like the title says, this is a new tool that will make your life as keyword researcher much easier. this tool works on your desktop. Which means you will always finish your keyword finding and all your keywords will be saved in your desired file.

    No captcha, no server errors and it is fast.

    I could probably make it look better and make it fancier and sell it for few bucks, but i decided to release it for free and maybe that way help all of you.

    I will keep this tool updated and will add new features in future. I already found few things that could be better.

    Watch the YouTube video of this tool in action:

    Or go and get the tool:
    dadaas, Dec 4, 2014 IP
  2. dadaas

    dadaas Well-Known Member

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    I have some problem with sending automatic licenses so i will send license to people by email manually. All you need to do is send me PM here with your email.

    Also i added numbers to search and added a YouTube search also.
    dadaas, Dec 15, 2014 IP